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Working holidays by Ayaka.オーストラリアワーキングホリデーの日々の記録(๑´ڡ`๑)



It's heavy raining in Byron Bay today. Almost people don't like raining day but I don't hate it. Because I think we are allowed to relax, chill and do nothing. Today is also... 今日のバイロンベイは、激しい雨です。 ここからしばらく、ずっと…


did Ashtanga Yoga with teacher Cristine I have a mustle pain It's much harder than normal yoga but I like it I wanna practice more 昨日はヨガ講師のクリスティンにアシュタンガヨガを教わったよ すでに筋肉痛w 普通のヨガより大分ハ…